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The reachable Star Wars prequel extraordinary Queen’s Peril is for anybody who whenever puzzled about the abutting apparatus of Padmé Amidala’s handmaidens, and how the adolescent queen controlled to idiot the absolute political amphitheater of Naboo.

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Written by E.K. Johnston, who bound Queen’s Shadow, a prequel approximately Padmé’s alteration into senator, Queen’s Peril follows the adolescent aristocratic as she becomes Queen Amidala and forms her abutting buddies of called handmaidens (some played with the aid of Keira Knightley, Sofia Coppola, and Rose Byrne inside the prequels). It’s an agent journey no longer aloof for the Queen of Naboo, but her nice depended on confidantes, demography home afore and throughout the Phantom Menace. As the women assignment to actualize a sure association of decoys, bodyguards, and assistants, they allegation moreover face ascent intergalactic tensions and abundant threats to Naboo.

Johnston talked to Polygon approximately fleshing out Padmé’s abutting pals, abutting Star Wars canon, and advancing from a fanfiction heritage.

Queen’s Peril hits cabinets on June 2. Check out the account and extract underneath:

[Ed. Note: This account has been edited and abridged for clarity.]

What changed into it like crafting agent belief for anniversary handmaiden? How did you amount out who had which strengths?

E.K. Johnston: That become so abundant fun. It became article that the fandom — which I’m allotment of — has been accomplishing aback 1999, right? It turned into truly fun — and additionally laborious because I didn’t urge for food to archetype each person, alike with the aid of blow — to go through and quantity out who they had been all hobby to be. I started real basic. I wrote bottomward every body’s name. I wrote bottomward what I needed, what the adventure bare their primary movement to be. Sabé become activity to be making plans, Rabé become pastime to be intelligence, and Saché was activity to be ascertainment and all that affectionate of stuff. I congenital the characters approximately those ancestry to accord them a characteristic, and afresh fleshed out above that.

Padme and the handmaidens take delivery of to go through abutting political conditions — however there are additionally moments of boyish babe downtime. Why turned into it crucial to analyze the 2 together?

It adds to the relatability of characters. One of the affidavit I adulation autograph YA so plentiful is that young adults — or at atomic I did and my accompany did and I’m bold added our bodies did too — they be given those massive problems like, “What approximately college?” “The rainforests are on fireplace!” And all that affectionate of stuff. They take delivery of those big problems, however they constantly be given simply claimed problems, and the stakes feel aloof as high. So alike admitting your accord troubles and your accord issues don’t quantity clearly as plentiful to the all-around abridgement they nonetheless quantity that plentiful to you. I adulation that bond of these claimed problems, that are abundantly important, and moreover the Trade Federation, and arena them aback and alternating off anniversary different. I anticipate it makes them relatable. I anticipate it facilitates accomplish the human. And in reality, it’s a laugh.

Was there an absolute and accustomed Star Wars look that become adamantine to write? Was there one which got here delivered certainly?

The toughest one turned into seemingly Darth Maul aloof because I’m so acclimated to seeing him because the version of himself that he will become within the Clone Wars. So it become a claiming to move all the way aback to the Phantom Menace and deal with him as this infrequently delivered contained, like he hasn’t been betrayed yet, this approximately beastly and beggarly individual, no longer this bothered artisan and the abettor of these kinds of admirable schemes — because that’s manner brought a laugh! I had to be like No, no wait, Darth Maul’s now not there yet. That was a piece of a challenge.

It’s always absolutely adamantine for me to deal with Panaka because you apperceive what’s advancing in settlement of his storyline, so mixture that he does aloof turns into tragic.

And I wrote the aboriginal area with Shmi arise the alpha of the ebook, and we weren’t abiding if I became activity to build up it — if we had been hobby to build up the alternating point of perspectives, so I started out to dramatize them to deal with them into conversations with Padmé. So the aforementioned appearance actuality is occurring, however Padmé is present. The aboriginal one I did that for changed into the Shmi scene. It occurs afterwards in the e-book, so it’s the added Shmi scene, and I wrote it and afresh I become like, Well, now I aloof receive Shmi scenes and I like them both. But she changed into lots of a laugh. I like accepting into her individual. There’s so abundant tragedy worried, but she’s so hopeful and so absolute and so perfect and I without a doubt adulation autograph that individual.

There’s a big amplitude of Queen’s Peril that takes domicile for the duration of the contest of Phantom Menace. How do you aces and be given which scenes and characters to awareness on?

That became based totally on who turned into area at any accustomed factor. I skipped a lot of Padmé’s scenes in the cine because we’ve already apparent that stuff. I capital to do scenes that are aloof off-camera or scenes that we arise into the real give up of or [a scene] from a altered person’s point of view. A lot of the time, it became the decentralized version of what became occurring. Afresh by the time we were given to the Battle of Naboo, I aloof had this big account in my apperception of who was region at any accustomed time and I become affective all the characters approximately to accomplish abiding that the adventure may want to still appear.

Was that alarming to method?

I don’t expect so. I arise from a fanfiction background. I abstruse to address [by] essentially autograph altered scenes and autograph my very own extensions and stuff. For me, it become affectionate of like advancing home. It become quite a few amusing. There were virtually challenges due to the fact you don’t appetite to get too cocky indulgent. You don’t appetite to carbon scenes which might be already there aloof due to the fact you may. But it became actual considerable like a array of accession for me because of my fandom history.

Does it experience surreal to be autograph acutely accustomed fanfiction?

Totally! With Ahsoka, my aboriginal Star Wars e book, I turned into simply unbiased like, Oh no, I can’t try this I can’t do this I can’t do this like must be real professional. But there were a brace of factors that I affectionate of squeaked in about the abandon and I was like, they’re gonna get cut, and afresh they didn’t. Anytime aback afresh I’ve affectionate of been like, you apperceive what, if I’m pastime too far, they’ll acquaint me. If I’m engaging in article I’m no longer declared to do, they’ll acquaint me. It’s clearly a plentiful affectionate of accord because it shall we me nonetheless accept fun. I don’t arrest myself the manner that I did the aboriginal time via. It’s been quality every time to admission the adventure and be like OK, I guarantee my team, let’s do that, that is admirable as a author

Out of the handmaidens, do you take delivery of a favourite?

I am consistently interest to adulation Sabé, she’s the abutting and angel to my affection for a array of motives. But on this e-book aback we have been autograph Rabé’s accomplishments and she affectionate of have become our con artist/grifter and that aloof catapulted her to the pinnacle. She became so plentiful a laugh anon due to the fact aggregate she does has this noir-ish heritage. Like she could bastard through a allowance and afresh all of the paintings are long past. She changed into without a doubt article I wasn’t confident along with her look however it changed into absolutely a amusing time.

And now recognize this absolute extract from companion six of Queen’s Peril:

There were bristles of them altogether, inclusive of Tsabin, who already stood abaft the throne. Panaka presented them to the Queen with basal curl on the give up of the delivered anniversary of her reign. They anniversary angled affably aback he positioned them forward, and Amidala accustomed them with an identical nod. Her face become corrective for abounding courtroom, and her busy headpiece related from her arch in each instructions. She changed into anxiously impersonal, a abstruseness in ample inexperienced. Panaka became abundantly abiding she hadn’t surely confused in several hours, but there has been no adumbration that her absorption became flagging.

It had been a linked day with the bounded representatives—there has been a projected interest curtailment for this year’s atom harvest, and agitation changed into breach over whether or not to accompany in offworlders to advice with the assignment or to artlessly purchase aliment from off planet and allow the atom emerge as abutting season’s fertilizer—and they have been all acquisitive to blanket up. Still, Amidala sat straightbacked on her arch and seemed anniversary babe abounding within the face as Panaka alien them.

“Rabene Tonsort, in a position artisan and actress.” Rabene’s accrued statement adumbrated there was a considerable accord Panaka larboard out of her biography. “Eirtama Ballory, scientist and engineer; Suyan Higin, clothier and maker; and Sashah Adova—”

Panaka trailed off as Sashah bowed, clumsy to quantify why certainly he anticipation the twelve-year-vintage become capable for this, alike admitting there was no agnosticism in his apperception that she become. Amidala bent his abeyance and risked bisected a smile, added affect than she typically confirmed in public.

“Thank you, Captain,” she stated, as admitting the introductions had been completed afterwards incident. “You be given performed a arresting activity in a abbreviate time to acquisition such capable candidates.”

“It is my privilege,” Panaka said, bowing.

title | Tween Girl Bedroom Ideas

8 tween girls bedroom ideas | Tween Girl Bedroom Ideas

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“We will cross up to the lodging and allocution further,” Amidala persisted, now talking anon to the women. “There are some things we allegation to speak about.”

Panaka arena his enamel. Amidala had been quite abutting about no longer accepting guards into the lodging afterwards a real applicable purpose, and he had a interest she would close him out of the advancing chat actually deliberately.

The Queen rose and led the way upstairs. The women observed her into her rooms, and Tsabin close the door, accomplishing her high-quality now not to smile at Panaka’s expression. In the sitting room, Amidala adumbrated that they have to all sit down down, and afresh she perched on a armchair by using the deal with and pulled her headpiece off. Tsabin was persevering with abutting to her afore she’d in a position extricating herself from all of the pins, and accustomed the handoff seamlessly.

“Just put it on the table for now,” Amidala stated. Tsabin did, and took her bench again. Padmé took a second to agitate her beard out and attending on the girls Panaka had selected. They have been all physically agnate to her, except Eirtama, who changed into blonde, and they all regarded affably interested. Alike Sashah wasn’t abashed through the rental. Padmé became impressed.

“My name is Padmé,” she said, through way of introduction. She capital them to recognize. “I brainstorm Captain Panaka has defined the alarming components of this role capable-bodied enough, however I am acquisitive for article overseas in accession to bodyguards.”

“It’s now not an addition,” Sashah stated. She had a abstracted voice. “It’s an expansion.”

“Indeed,” Padmé stated. “But it’s moreover a collaboration. Panaka called anniversary of you because you accept talents that I do

no longer. I urge for food to booty that alpha and attain us into article alike more potent.”

“Not aloof six parts,” Suyan said. “You urge for food us to accretion anniversary different’s capabilities.”

“He assassin me to propose you a way to cheat,” Rabene stated. She batten with such artlessness that Padmé doubtable she turned into befitting secrets. That was all suitable for now, as a minimum. Padmé had affluence of secrets and techniques of her very own. “Apparently he doesn’t assume you’re suave plentiful on your very own, but I’m starting to expect he’s underestimated you.”

Padmé smiled demurely. This turned into pastime larger than she had predicted. Leaving the opportunity up to Panaka had run the coincidence of him acrimonious girls who have been able and dependable, however who weren’t accordant with her accurate appearance and dreams. Somehow, each captain and Queen had gotten what they wanted: a accumulation of handmaidens who ought to, with a bit of luck, enhance right into a assemblage to be reckoned with. Assuming, of route, their personalities were cohesive. There became a aberration amid appetite and commitment, and absent to serve was not the aforementioned as fact allotment of the complete.

“Padmé and I accept already commenced motion education together,” Tsabin stated. “And I’ve been coaching her breath physical games, which recommendation ascendancy concrete reactions.”

Eirtama leaned superior and satisfactory up the headpiece. Apparently she was the blazon who consistently capital to be accomplishing article together with her hands.

“Are they all like this?” she asked, axis the allotment over to appraise the allotment that absorbed to Padmé’s head.

“So large?” Padmé replied.

“So annealed and ungainly,” she clarified. “Is this an aboriginal or a duplicate of a actual piece? It allegation be cool uncomfortable.”

“It is,” Padmé stated. “An aboriginal and uncomfortable, I suggest.”

“I can architecture one that looks surely the aforementioned and weighs bisected as a good deal,” Eirtama said. “No one will apperceive the aberration besides for us.”

“Let me see that,” Suyan stated, captivation out her arms. Eirtama anesthetized the headpiece over afterwards hesitation. “Oh, yes, we are able to increase this. I expect it became fabricated afore Karlini cottony became alien in bulk, and there’s no acumen we can’t alike it in a added wearable style. This possible go in a constructing or some thing.”

“We’ll attending at your dresses as well.” Eirtama advised the blooming garments Padmé wore with a analytical eye. Suyan nodded. “That at atomic seems like it become fabricated with avant-garde materials, however we’ll see if we are able to’t accomplish some modifications for abundance and capability.”

Tsabin indignant hopefully to Sashah, who hadn’t saidnanything advertence why Panaka had known as her yet. Padmé looked at her apparently, too.

“The captain thinks we challenge for him,” Sashah stated. “He thinks of us as an addendum of the Aristocratic Aegis Forces. He doesn’t accept what you appetite from us. And he has article on Rabene that he thinks he can use to ascendancy her.”

That became now not a surprise. Rabene shrugged.

“When he said ‘artist and actress,’ what he supposed was that I coin archetypal art portions and afresh altercate offworlders to shop for them as originals.” Rabene energetic a chortle. “He larboard out the allotment place I am additionally an in a position musician, although. I aloof had to aces article at college, afore they kicked me out, and I picked—”

“Crime?” Tsabin become aboveboard bedlam now. Suyan appeared vaguely scandalized, however alike she turned into smiling.

“I first-rate track due to the fact I’d never acclimated it unconventionally,” said Rabene deliberately.

“Of route,” Tsabin stated.

title | Tween Girl Bedroom Ideas

8 tween girls bedroom ideas | Tween Girl Bedroom Ideas

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“Did he abuse you?” Padmé requested. She would no longer angle for that.

“Not in so abounding words,” Rabene said. It didn’t complete like Panaka had her abashed approximately some thing. “The academy didn’t columnist accuse afterwards they bent me, and not one of the offworlders apperceive better. He did betoken he may want to accomplish it difficult for me if I stated no.”

“I will acquaint him that’s beside the point,” Padmé promised.

“I don’t anticipate you need to,” Rabene stated. “Not but, anyway.”

The six of them sat there, digesting what that meant.

“Why does he count on it’s so dangerous?” Suyan said. “There hasn’t been an assault, absolute or in any other case, on a Naboo autocrat in decades. You’re fantastic, but so was Sanandrassa, in her own way. So was all of us who has been queen. What does he anticipate is coming?”

“Honestly, I assume he’s aloof paranoid,” Padmé said. “He became a agent inside the meeting aback he changed into young, after which

he went into aegis rather than art. I apperceive he has a informal companion with Agent Palpatine, so he reputedly knows delivered approximately offworld backroom than fine delivered guards. I assume it started out as aloof a slump.”

“And now?” Eirtama asked.

“I’m no longer certain.” Padmé hesitated. “We’re adverse a pastime curtailment for the harvest, that is annihilation new. Agitation generally is going aback and alternating on which band-aid to take, and this time the offworld patron band appears to be the strongest, apparently due to the fact Sanandrassa correct alienation at some point of her management and I’ve had deserted two weeks to alpha alteration things. The Galactic Senate is stressful to exchange a few taxation laws, and Naboo might certainly be bothered with the aid of that if annihilation passes. But there’s no manner to acquaint but.”

“So it’s paranoia with a applicable path,” Rabene stated.

“I don’t appetite it to get out of manipulate,” Padmé stated. “I appetite to be available for whatever, of route, but I don’t appetite to be so abashed of my very own adumbration that I accord up the genitalia of me that urge for food to break abstracted and hopeful. That’s why I capital to be queen, actually. To look that Naboo may be in a position in its personal traditions and a allotment of the galactic network.”

“We’ll be your shadow,” stated Sashah.

Padmé looked at anniversary of them in turn. As with Tsabin, she had already absitively she became activity to warranty them. They were honest together with her, and that they had agreed to Panaka’s aboriginal phrases, which protected a cogent acquaintance promise. They’d all accustomed and purchased to get right here, to this allowance inside the alcazar place they may plan the upcoming for thousands and thousands at a time, and that become universal arena to alpha from, at the actual least. Aback Padmé met Tsabin’s eyes, the handmaiden nodded as soon as.

“In that case, I assume there are a few simple precautions we will take,” Rabene said. “I anticipate we care to accept new names. We’re all befitting secrets and techniques from our households, and every body overseas on this planet, and I am hardly infamous, afterwards all.”

“Do you accept any pointers?” Padmé asked.

“You needed to accord up Padmé,” Tsabin stated. “What if we all chose names that articulate agnate to that?”

“That might be best,” Rabene said. “I agreement you that best our bodies will apprehend that abounding ehs in a row and in fact never be capable of bethink how abounding of us there are, permit deserted who’s who.”

Eirtama acutely had objections to giving up her name however stated not anything. Padmé leaned ahead.

“You are aware of disagree with me in non-public, you already know,” she said. “Especially aback we’re brainstorming ideas.”

“I like my call,” Eirtama stated afterwards a abrupt silence. “I become activity to perform it acclaimed someday, you already know? Building matters or at atomic acclimation them. I don’t appetite to accord it up.”

“It must be absolutely everyone or none, or it received’t paintings,” Rabene stated. “And you may accomplish your call acclaimed after, in case you in reality capital to.”

“I—” Eirtama hesitated again.

“It’s real atypical, to apprehend addition alarm you through a brand new name,” Padmé said. “It took me some time to get acclimated to. I didn’t take delivery of a preference, so I gained’t accomplish castigation for you.”

“The factor is to be invisible,” Sashah said. “If you appetite to be well-known, this isn’t the process for you.”

Eirtama straightened up at the critique, like she were issued a absolute task.

“I can do both,” she insisted. She angled in acceptance, no longer certainly defeat. “But you’re suitable approximately waiting. I received’t be the youngest to do anything, I bet, however I can still be the fine.”

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It was bright Eirtama wasn’t thrilled, but the aboriginal impediment were crossed.

“When you’re in makeup, we ought to consistently alarm you Your Highness,” Suyan counseled, allowance her throat to alternate the situation. Sashah looked at her and afresh certain prevented her eyes. “That will recommendation authorize barriers and let us apperceive aback we’re acquainted with altercate about things. Alike if we’re by myself.”

“We’ll all abrasion the structure in some unspecified time in the future, I assume,” Tsabin said. “Even if it’s abandoned for exercise.”

“Whoever wears the face receives the title,” Eirtama stated. She regarded bent to advice accomplish decisions, if deserted to accomplish abiding they were the ones she agreed with. It was larger than nothing. “And we’ll convenance no longer fact abashed if a few alcazar folio addresses us in employer.”

“Speaking of pages,” Sashah said. “I expect I should be one. You’ll allegation addition who can run errands and now not be anxious due to the fact our bodies see her all of the time. I’m the aboriginal and the atomic appropriate to be the Queen. I’m the first-rate desire.”

Padmé angry over all the recommendations in her head. They had been advancing calm larger than she may want to accept was hoping, and they were abandoned accepting commenced.

“I expect Padmé must be a page, too,” Rabene said.

“How could that work?” Tsabin asked.

“If there’s magically addition babe approximately the Queen, addition ability note,” Rabene stated. “People have to get used

to seeing her. No one will pay absorption to pages.”

“I expect that’s a absolute contradiction,” Tsabin stated. “But I additionally count on you’re right.”

Panaka would never acquiesce it. The abstraction of Padmé abnormality about Theed as herself might enhance the captain too a long way. She changed into abiding of it. But conceivably he could accept why that position would be a applicable one for her to comedy central the alcazar walls. He changed into a reasonable character, and Rabene’s argumentation changed into sound.

“We’ll affluence him into it,” Sashah stated, acute the trouble. “And I’ll be the primary page, anyway, on the way to help.”

They were all animated aboveboard now, captivated by using the association they have been weaving, the secrets they could authority abutting amid them.

“Rabé,” Rabene said. “Your garb mistress, I assume.”

That could accord her admission to the great claimed gadgets that good enough the Queen—her garments, rings, and brought accessories—and accommodate a acumen for her to always be reachable. It was absolute for an intelligence officer.

“Yané,” stated Suyan. “I’ll be in allegation of liaising with the alcazar dealers and droids.”

She would take delivery of her experience on the thrashing of mixture that went on primary the walls. No one could doubtable annihilation aberrant if she was to get up aback in the kitchens or area to allocution to addition approximately the Queen’s wishes.

“Eirtaé,” Eirtama said. “Communications.”

Everyone would be acclimated to seeing her with a array of tech in her arms. They wouldn’t count on about what she became conducting with it.

“Saché. The common web page.”

No one could assume ample approximately seeing her at all.

Each babe had called article that would accomplish them anticipate sincerely harmless, but could moreover acquiesce them to accept added functions afterwards causing all people to attending two times. Their talents could be delivered into comedy afterwards all of us fact the wiser.

Padmé smiled and checked out Tsabin. Her aboriginal handmaiden. In the two weeks aback the election, they had spent approximately every second together, admitting first-rate our bodies hadn’t been clearly acquainted of Tsabin’s presence. She had presented critiques on a array of topics, and Padmé changed into already advancing to watch for on Tsabin’s suitable faculty to ecosystem her own idealism. They had been friends, or they have been on their manner to friendship. And they have been acquirements to pass the ability alterity amid them. It wasn’t ideal—Saché regarded to be alienated Yané deliberately—however it became a start.

“I will be every body’s assistant,” Tsabin stated. “That manner bodies will get acclimated to my dispatch into unintentional roles, and moreover no longer catechism my absence if I’m no longer seen.”

“And?” Padmé requested. Tsabin would consistently accept to chase the selections of others. The atomic they might do become accord her this.

Tsabin smiled.

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